Welcome (Ahlan wa Sahlan!)

Hello and welcome to Alf Hana!!!  It is our great pleasure to share some of our experiences eating a plant-based diet in Cairo, Egypt.  You will find resources, recipes, and tips for finding, making, and enjoying a more healthful and compassionate diet.  

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Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

1.  Tuesdays are always “Teaser Tuesdays” at Alf Hana.  We try out other people’s recipes and share our impressions and recommendations with you.

2.  Fridays are “Pharaoh’s Fridays“!  We like to take traditional, Egyptian recipes and adapt them so they are entirely plant-based!

3.  Our regular posts will include recipes, ingredients or products, restaurant reviews, nutrition information, or events that may be important to you as you discover all the bounty of a plant-based diet!

We love to hear from you, so feel free to comment or contact us.  

Oh – and – ALF HANA!