I know what a vegetarian is, but what’s a vegan?

What is a vegan?

Plant-based diet:

A vegan is someone who enjoys a diet based entirely on plant-based foods.  That would include all kinds of vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans, breads, pastas and cereals.  That’s a bounty of wonderful, delicious, whole-foods from which to choose!  
A vegan is someone who would not consume animals or products made with any of their secretions.  This includes milk, cheeses, meats, fish and for some, honey.

Compassionate lifestyle:

Vegans become vegan for many reasons (which we will write about soon).  One of them is their desire to do as little harm as possible to all beings.  Therefore, not only do they not eat animals or animal products, but they also do not use them for fashion or beauty products.  This means that vegans would typically not wear leather shoes, belts, or jackets, cashmere or wool clothing, carry leather purses, buy leather couches, or use products like Oil of Olay that contain ingredients that come directly from animals.  Also, vegans are careful that beauty products they purchase are not tested on animals, since this is also a source of harm towards animals.

Not a sacrifice, but a new awareness:

Most vegans do not feel they are sacrificing anything.  Once they start to discover the wealth of dietary options available, they soon wonder why they didn’t try them earlier!  Maybe veganism isn’t for everyone, but it does offer a rich variety of options, as we will discover together at Alf Hana!

Would you think of trying to eat vegan for a day or a week…or a month?


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