Today is World Vegetarian Day!

Happy World Vegetarian Day AND the official start of Vegetarian Awareness Month!*

Besides eating a vegetarian meal, we thought one way to celebrate this special day would be to help you understand more about what vegetarianism is.

Many people may label themselves as vegetarians, but actually define ‘vegetarianism’ quite differently.  There are three major types of vegetarians.

1.  Lacto ovo vegetarian:

This type of vegetarian avoids eating animals, but not animal byproducts.  In other words, a lacto ovo vegetarian would not eat meat, fish, or poultry, but would eat eggs, cheese, ice cream, and milk.  This is why when you order a ‘vegetarian’ pizza, it usually has cheese on it!

2.  Lacto vegetarian:

This type of vegetarian avoids eating all kinds of animal meat AND eggs.  A lacto vegetarian does, however, eat animal byproducts including milk and cheese.

3.  Vegan:

As we have discussed before, a vegan does not consume any animal products at all.  This means that all meats and dairy are excluded from their diets.  Most vegans also carry this philosophy over to other parts of their life including fashion, beauty, and cleaning products.

It is true that being ‘vegetarian’ may be different for everybody.  When a person decides to try a ‘vegetarian’ diet, even if for a limited time, it is a unique, personal experience that differs from person to person.

You may think that being vegetarian means there are things you CAN’T eat and that you are going to suffer from lots of restrictions if you adopt one of these diets.  Actually, the amount of new flavors, textures, and colors available in the plant world are utterly amazing.  Alf Hana is our way of sharing these fantastic food fantasies with you!

*Read more about World Vegetarian Day and Vegetarian Awareness Month at


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