Finding Familiar Foods with Healthful, Compassionate Twists

Few of us started out as vegetarians.  Most of us were brought up on a diet of different kinds of meat and dairy products.  So, we have memories of happy times, celebrations, and comfort that are associated with animal products.  If you’re trying to rely on a primarily plant-based diet, you may feel you have lost some of those familiar feelings.

While you create your new traditions, memories (and find new comfort foods!), it is sometimes comforting to find very close substitutes to tide you over.  And now, in Egypt, that is possible.   With a line of soy-based frozen and canned products, AHEF provides vegetarians, vegans, those who are ‘fasting’ for religious reasons and those who want to reduce cholesterol and fat in their diets with a number of familiar favorites, vegetarian style.

While we knew of these products and had tried them before (and really liked them!), it was only recently that we discovered an outlet where you can buy them any time of year (fasting months or not!).

Here’s just one picture of what we bought:  veggie sausages

And here’s what we made from it:  Meatless Sausage Biscuits and Gravy (a favorite southern comfort food of mine! – recipe to follow later!)

The canned versions are available in many local supermarkets, but the frozen versions have been much harder to find.   So, to find veggie burgers, kofta, steak, chicken patties, chicken nuggets, meatballs, luncheon, and sausages any time you can go to this location:

Healthy Life Center:  16 El Kobba St., Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone: (02)24504157 or  [fax: (02)22561996]

Operating Hours: Sunday – Thursday from 9:00 am -2:00 pm

The center also offers programs about health and wellness, including educational programs about heart disease, weight control, diabetes, hypertension, smoking, stress, and depression.  You can use their facilities for a small monthly fee including health evaluation, exercise training, cooking classes, massage, hydrotherapy, and group support.

Here at Alf Hana, we will be featuring a different AHEF product every so often so you can see all the ways you can still eat familiar foods while making healthy, compassionate choices.

Alf Hana!!


4 responses to “Finding Familiar Foods with Healthful, Compassionate Twists

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