Veggie Fest Cairo!

It was with great anticipation that we learned of an event to be held on this Saturday, January 8, from 7-10 pm.  Called “Veggie Fest Cairo”, the festival will be open to vegetarians, vegans, and non-vegetarians alike.  There will be veggie goodies, music, and speakers!

Here’s what an article from ecooptionsegypt says about the speakers:

The spiritual guru Leslie Zehr will be one of the two speakers of the evening. Leslie has International Certifications in Hypnotherapy, Touch for Health and Aromatherapy as well as Diplomas in Homeopathy and Sandplay therapy.  She has published a book and many articles on the various topics of her specialty.

There will also be a talk by the environmentalist Ahmed El-Dorghamy about the 360 degree impact of food choices on the environment. This would provide good understanding to all of us consumers to make better informed every day choices when it comes to food. Check out this past entry about the link between food and the environment.

For more information, you can check out Veggie Fest Cairo’s twitter feed, their Facebook event, or their blog.

We intend to go and since it will be a pot-luck, are trying to decide what our new Egyptian friends will most enjoy….What do you think we should bring?


One response to “Veggie Fest Cairo!

  1. I just checked that and I think that Egyptians are starting to understand that being vegetarians has nothing to do with Islamic traditions..
    It’s a great event coming. Hope it would help expand our ideas through non-vegetarians as well.
    Keep it up and Good Luck

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