Veggie Fest Cairo: A community!

Yesterday we attended the first Veggie Fest Cairo.  It was a real blast!!!  With informative speakers, delicious food, some fun artistic expression, and opportunities to make some connections with like-minded folk, it was really a great success.  If you missed it, here’s a little bit about what we experienced:

Three speakers started out the evening, each with their own specific input about vegetarianism.  First, Mr. Ahmed El-Dorghamy, an environmentalist helped us understand about the “life cycle” of our food.   From planting, to packaging, to transporting, to refrigerating, to disposing of our food, each process has an impact on the environment.  Mr. Ahmed encouraged us to buy locally, fresh goods and, of course, to avoid animal products in order for our food to have the least negative environmental impact.  You can find out more by contacting Mr. Ahmed at ahmed_dorghamy(at) or call 0109666240.

Ms. Leslie Zehr also spoke about food and how it affects our bodies.  Focusing on the spiritual aspects of eating, Ms. Leslie emphasized that our bodies are like temples and we need to be more conscious of the choices we make about what goes in them.  What are we putting in our bodies and why?  Where did it come from?  How was it made?  These are all aspects of our food that will affect us and should be part of our food-choosing process.  Another thing we really liked that Ms. Leslie focused on was how preparing food is a sacred experience.  If you’re cooking and you’re angry – better stop because the results may not be so good :)!  If you’re interested in learning more, you can reach Ms. Leslie at,,, and lesliezehr(at)

Finally, Ms. Nadia Montasser, representative of PETA in Egypt, spoke to us about some reasons to try vegetarianism: for our health, for the environment, and for the animals.  She also shared some video and resources for those who are interested.  You can find out more by contacting info(at) or Ms. Nadia directly at nmontasser(at)

Everyone who attended brought a dish along.  And what a delectable spread it was!!  We always love to share goodies.  Here are the recipes for the vegan delicacies we brought.  Chocolate Chip Cookies,  Apple Cake (muffins), and Vegan sushi.  There was also a live mural, a jam session, and a little poetry….

If you couldn’t make it but would like to find other vegetarians in Egypt, you can connect to the Veggie Fest community in these ways:

Alf Hana!!!


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