5 Resources for New Vegetarians / Vegans

This weekend, we learned that an acquaintance has decided to become vegan. It got us to thinking about when we first became vegan more than 10 years ago. At that time, we didn’t have access to all the amazing resources that are currently available. From nutrition advice, to easy FREE recipes, you can find almost anything you need now to maintain a healthy, plant-based diet. Many of these resources (and our favorite cookbooks) are listed here on Alf Hana’s resource page, but we thought it useful to focus on some resources especially made for new vegans.

1.  Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has a vegetarian starter kit that you can download as a pdf.  Also, on this page, you’ll be able to find links to articles dealing with the most commonly asked questions about plant-based diets.

2.  Compassion Over Killing also has a starter kit that can be downloaded, but this page also links to information about the most common reasons for considering a vegan diet, as well as recipes and issues about transitioning to a vegetarian diet.

3.  Vegan Outreach is another place to find a guide covering frequently asked questions, recipes, and other resources.

4.  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) also has an interactive starter kit that is informative and bold.

5.  Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, of Compassionate Cooks, has a podcast called Vegetarian Food for Thought that is inspirational.  Addressing vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores alike, Colleen has a straight-forward style of dealing with issues that is at once informative, analytical, emotional, comprehensive, and motivational.  Colleen, her cookbooks, and this podcast have provided tremendous personal support for us in our journey as vegans.

BONUS resources:

United States Department of Agriculture actually has a fact sheet about the healthy nature of a plant-based diet.  You can download it here.

The American Dietetic Association has also produced a document called Position on Vegetarian Diets that you may be interested in.  You can find it on the Vegetarian Resource Group site.

We know many of you also have resources that you can share.  What has helped you in your journey toward a more plant-based, compassionate diet?


5 responses to “5 Resources for New Vegetarians / Vegans

  1. Great resources and lots of ideas.

  2. The Vegan RD website has lots of good nutrition information.

    Veg News magazine also has a helpful, free downloadable vegan starter kit with recipes.

    I also really like the Vegetarian/Vegan About page. Not all the recipes are vegan, but at least half are, and they are simple and use easy-to-find ingredients.

  3. Thanks, yasmin!! These are also great resources!

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