Vegan Cheeses in Egypt and We’re back!

Hi everybody! We missed you all!
We took a much-needed break, but are back and are looking forward to sharing lots of new recipes and goodies!

Recently, a reader asked about vegan cheese.  Cheese was one of the hardest animal products for us to stop eating – and I suppose that is true for most vegans.  But, in reality, it is just the fat and the salt we are enjoying.  So, can we find fatty, salty plant-based, compassionate alternatives in Egypt?  Well, yes, but….

None of the available options are solid, can be shredded, or melt. So, no – they won’t be good on a pizza, or work in a grilled cheese sandwich. However, there are some creamy, spreadable options that are tasty. In fact, there are several brand names available in the market (and a few more show up during the Christian fasting periods…)

Here are the versions we have bought, tried, and liked. We find them at Royal House, Alfa Market, Metro, and even some small groceries in neighborhoods have some!!!

The “white cheese” from Greenland:

“White Cheese” from Ahef – there are other flavors, too, including cheddar and blue cheese.

Prima’s olive-flavored cheese in a tub: (other flavors include pasterma and chili!)

Mobi’s “Smoked Cheese”:

Several of these cheeses use coconut oil or palm oil as a base.  Be careful!  These can be high in that “bad” kind of fat :).  Use them sparingly…

There are options for making homemade vegan cheeses, too.  However, some of the necessary ingredients are not directly available in Egypt. (We like to use nutritional yeast with cashews and agar powder…, none of which are available here : ( ! ) Once we find suitable recipes that will satisfy your CHEESY cravings with ingredients readily available in Egypt, we will share immediately!

Have you ever tried any of these products?  What’s your favorite?

Have you ever tried making homemade vegan cheese? What ingredients did you use?


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