What COLOR is on your plate?

There is an old saying in English: You are what you eat.  And, as trite as that might sound, I think it’s true.  Especially when it comes to color!

Think back over your last few meals.  What colors did you eat?  White? Brown? Black?  GREEN?  Did you have a variety of color or mostly one?  How did those colors compare or contrast to the meal before?

What does color have to do with anything?

Well, naturally occurring colors in foods are signals to us about their benefits. Each color is created by different phytochemicals or antioxidants that can be very beneficial in the protection of our health, prevention of disease, and reducing damage.  You can read about each color and see a list of fruits and vegetables for each on this page.

Since all the colors (antioxidants) provide different health benefits, it is most beneficial to include a wide variety of color in your diet.  So, try and see how many colors you can eat in one day!  Here’s our salad from yesterday:

Red (tomatoes), Purple (purple cabbage), Green (cucumber), Yellow (yellow pepper), White (garlic), Yellow / brown (chickpeas)

WOW!  Okay, and here was breakfast from the other day:

Purple (purple grapes), Yellow (banana), Brown (peanuts), Red (apple)

Make your plate into a rainbow, reap the health benefits, and give your taste buds a real treat!

Want to find some awesome recipes to help you do so?  Try out Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s book, Color Me Vegan.  In fact, she has some free recipes for you to try out on her website, here.  We’ve tried the Blueberry Buckle, Carmelized Bananas, Beet Burgers, Rainbow Salad, and many more and have absolutely loved them!

What color is your favorite food?  What color is your least favorite food?  


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