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Tuesday Teaser #10: Fudge Babies

On Tuesdays, Alf Hana honors other wonderful bloggers, chefs, and cookbook writers.  We link our readers to a readily available recipe that we have recently tried and loved.  By sharing our experience, ease of the recipe and taste, we hope to expose our readers to some more great plant-based ideas!

Fudge Babies

Oh, and yes, baby these are fudgy!  Chocolate yumminess!!!

If you love chocolate, you will love these.

If you love EASY, you will love these.

If you love decadent, you will love these.  If you love healthy, natural, whole foods – you will love these!!!

Yes, these babies are made with whole foods!  We added the chocolate-covered part, which is not a whole food, but is still vegan!

Chocolate Covered Katie has done it again!  Yes, she has won our hearts and tummies!!!  These are her creation – check out the original recipe here –  the one we featured in this post is the second variation – Hot Cocoa Fudge Babies, on the same page.  And don’t worry, if you don’t want to spend the time melting and dipping them in chocolate – they are just as delicious without the chocolate covering!

Alf Hana!!!