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Lebanese Vegan Fare at Dar Al Amar Express

Here’s another installment of restaurants in Cairo that have some vegan options.  If you like Lebanese food, you’ll find some tasty vegan treats at Dar Al Amar Express.


The freshly baked bread is absolutely irresistible!



Fresh Bread


Vegan salads available include fatoush, tabouleh, homus, and baba ganoug.











Baba ganoug


Even their stuffed grape leaves are vegan, prepared as a cold appetizer with lemon.



Stuffed grape leaves


As a main dish, you can choose from a variety of mana’eesh: zaater (thyme), zaater with vegetables, or, as in the image featured below, spinach!


Spinach mana’eesh

You can find Dar Al Amar Express in Roxy and Nasr City.  There is also a Dar Al Amar (not express! – the menu is different, but still has vegan options) in the Oasis on the road to the airport.  And, like many other things in Cairo, you can order from home!

Give Dar Al Amar Express a try and let us know what you think!