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Enjoy plant-based versions of your favorite foods during Ramadan

Happy Ramadan to all our Muslim friends who are celebrating.  It’s always a special time of year for everyone.  A month full of reflection on one’s blessings, generosity to those less fortunate, and lots of delicious fast-breaking feasts with friends.

Having spend fourteen Ramadans in Egypt, we know there are a lot of traditional foods shared over iftar tables.  You may think that trying to start or continue a plant-based diet during Ramadan is impossible.  But at Alf Hana, we have a collection of your favorites adapted to be plant-based, healthy, and delicious!

Here is a list of the top ten traditional Egyptian / Middle Eastern recipes featured here on Alf Hana.  These are listed in order of the most viewed posts on the site.  Feel free to search for any not listed here – or send us an email and ask for your favorite!!!

Have a wonderful holiday and Alf Hana!!!