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It’s time to officially welcome you!

Courtesy of Claudio Matsuoka (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cmatsuoka/)

Well, the day has finally arrived!  Tomorrow will mark the beginning of Vegetarian Awareness Month.  What a perfect time to officially start Alf Hana!  We are very excited to begin sharing what tools and information we have to those of you who want to try to add more plant-based, whole foods to your diets.

There are many such blogs available, but Alf Hana is special for several reasons.  We live, work, play, and eat in Egypt.  So, all the recipes, ingredients, and resources we will talk about are available to those of you living here as well.  We also are lucky to have a very talented translator, Janette Gamal, who has dedicated herself to helping us duplicate this information into Arabic.  You can read the Arabic version of Alf Hana at alfhanaar.wordpress.com.  Thanks, Jiji!

If you don’t live in Egypt, don’t worry!  You’ll find lots of Egyptian recipes to add to your collection that will spice up your diet!

And now, let the cooking begin!